Leto derives from Ancient Greek meaning Lost, Forgotten and Secret. Leto Living is based on a philosophy which holistically considers all aspects of the lifestyle through the mind, body and soul.

The modern day human is faced with many distractions which pulls her away from the natural world and more ominously away from a natural state of being. Ancient man’s existence was based upon philosophy which embraced a state of acute awareness of the self and these philosophies were practiced through everyday ritual. Unlike its earlier predecessors, modern man has forgotten to reconnect to the self in everyday life and this ritualistic practice has become so rare that the benefits have become hidden to most.

Leto Living’s main ethos encourages you to nurture all aspects of your being through incorporating ancient teachings, a wide range of fitness practices, nutrition advice and meditation in order to reach optimal health and wellbeing. We believe not only in improving the life of the individual but also in creating an environment whereby collectively, we can reconnect to the sense of community that is innately within us all, yet lost in our modern societies.


Leto Living offers fitness and lifestyle coaching to individuals, small to medium sized groups and to corporate groups in the workplace. Download the MINDBODY app here to access our intro deals and Personal Training packages.